A day at Mt Hotham #1

A few weeks ago after some solid reports of a decent snow fall up in the high country, myself (@danieljohnsonphotography), Nathan (@nathanmattinsonphotography) & Jarrod (@jarrodhydephotography) trekked out on a friday evening for the destination of Smoko camp ground, which is just after Bright on the way to Mt Hotham. 

We arrived at around 2am & then set up camp! With a alarm of 6:00AM it was a short but sweet sleep! 

After waking up we got on our way to Mt Hotham and the snow was absolutely everywhere! It was amazing to see the landscape change into a complete winter wonderland! The roads where covered in a thick layer of ice/slush which made the drive rather slow! 

There was some nice fog around for sunrise but the colour never really went crazy as we’d hoped! None the less I shot some timelapse of the morning fog dancing around in the valley which was pretty epic! 

Photo by @jarrod_hyde_bts

Once sunrise was over we then headed further up the mountain & stopped by a few look-outs & shot a whole bunch of stuff! 

After having the best BBQ Bacon & Egg roll from the shops at Hotham resort, we heading out to shoot some of the slops from the side of the road! Being the only ones there with no ski’s or snowboard was a strange “out of place” feeling..

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