I'm now offering workshops over a range of locations around Victoria. These workshops will be for the keen photographer that wants to improve their skills and have more knowledge on shooting landscapes, cityscapes and seascapes! 

I will take you out on location and provide insight on the do's and don'ts for shooting in the various conditions that Victoria will provide! All these lessons will be taught using your camera in full Manual mode. Guiding you through the settings and gaining you more experience and confidence knowing what your camera is capable of. 

Melbourne City


Tour/Weekend trips

**SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE** - $100 for afternoon sessions for Melbourne City and Mornington Peninsula locations. 

Basic knowledge of camera settings are required as well as a tripod (I do have a few spare tripods if needed) 

For the weekend trips/tours I will have a descriptive post with all needed information and what the costs will be for certain cabins/hotels/hire cars and any other hidden costs that arise for certain tours. 

Sessions are limited to three people for now! If you are interested or have any questions please feel free to email me @ or contact me via my Facebook page

If you would like a one on one session please don't hesitate to ask.

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